Thursday, 21 June 2012

School: day five (sessions six/seven)

This week was my first full day at school in years. The morning went pretty much the same as usual. I worked with a pupil who was in isolation during lesson one. She was adamant she couldn't/wouldn't do the task but I managed to coax something out of her which surprised me haha! Lesson two I worked with the years sevens, but as this week in school is dedicated to health and the Olympics they were working on PowerPoint presentations about different Olympic games in recent years. I was mainly there to guide and help with spelling/structure etc.

However, in third lesson I did something different. I was asked to go to a class of Year thirteens with special educational needs to help them with their Work Related Learning qualifications. In the afternoon I did something similar but with a Year twelve group. The experience was completely new to me and one I found very interesting. Working with pupils I wouldn't usually encounter or have much contact with was rewarding. They were very friendly and welcoming and it was just lovely to work with pupils who were generally enthusiastic about their work!

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