Thursday, 24 May 2012

School: Day Four

This week I spent most of my school visit invigilating in an exam. I, along with two teaching assistants were assigned to two pupils who required extra time/readers etc. and sent to a small office. I was originally meant to be a reader, meaning I read the questions on the paper to the pupils, but because the restrictions on what you can and can't say are very strict, and I had never done it before, I became an invigilator instead. I basically had to watch the pupils to make sure they weren't cheating blah blah blah and keep an eye on timing. It was pretty boring but an experience I'm glad I had - weird being on the other side of things in the exam room!

For the last hour I helped a pupil with her R.E work, making a poster about Mother Teresa, she was very capable so I was really only watching her work.

Unfortunately I didn't get to work with the Year 7 group on their numeracy like I've done for the past couple of weeks which was a shame, but the staff said I was missed, which is nice :)

Not the most active week to be honest, but I still feel like my confidence is growing which is always good!

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